► Who Can Play

Boys & Girls:

1st grade - 8th grade - Spring/Summer (February - July) Fall (August - January)

High School - Spring/Summer (April - July) Fall (August - November)


Each player in our program must attend our tryouts every season to be evaluated by our coaching staff.  After tryouts are completed, each family will be notified via email to determine which team their child has made.

► Teams

Whenever possible we attempt to field 3 teams per grade level, 10-12 players per team.  The teams are as follows:


Silver Team – Our Silver team, also known as the “Elite” Team consists of the most competitive players for their age group, who will play a Division I AAU schedule.  This team will play the most tournaments, including several travel tournaments. This team is for our most committed players and families.


Orange Team – Our Orange team is  our "Select" club team for experienced and enthusiastic players, playing a Division II AAU schedule, with some travel.


White Team – Our White  team is our "Competitive" team for players who have advanced beyond their recreational/school teams, and want to begin playing more competitively and are very passionate about the game.  They will play a local Division II-III AAU schedule.

► Practices

Each team practices a minimum of 1.5 hours twice per week. All practices will be weekday evenings between 5pm & 9pm. Typically our youngest teams practice earlier and our older teams practice later.

Our current practice locations are as follows:

John Muir Middle School (San Leandro, CA)

Bandcroft Middle School (San Leandro, CA)

San Lorenzo High School (San Lorenzo,CA)

► Commitment

We require a minimum attendance of 75% of all practices and games.

If you are unable to attend a practice or tournament, please notify your coach/program director as soon as possible.


Everyone is required to participate in all team fundraisers, we subsidies program cost through our fundraisers including: gym fees, tournament costs, insurance, and player scholarships.


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